A time of thanksgiving, togetherness and celebration is the harvest festival of our church. Meticulous and prayerful planning by the chairman and the pastorate committee in co-ordination with the elders of the church is the foundation of the harvest festival. A convenor is appointed from among the church members every year to plan the events and activities for the harvest festival.

The annual harvest festival is conducted in the 2nd week of November. The preparations commence a month or two ahead with the convenor, the Reverend along with few church elders visiting the members houses inviting them and seeking their prayers and offerings for the harvest festival. The cell groups are entrusted with the task of organising weekly sales of homemade food items on Friday evenings after the church. All events planned for the day are aimed to glorify the name of the Almighty alone.

Harvest Festival 2016

Harvest Festival 2017

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